You can get started and see the benefits of the LooUQ Cloud in your project with a free subscription. 

Our free subscription allows for you to see your project in action with up to 3 IoT devices, full functionality, for as long as you need.

But it won't take long for you to see the power of LooUQ's Cloud Assisted Device Architecture.

Rapid Prototype Development AND Scalable Production

When you begin your project, you need to see your idea take shape and form as quickly as possible. Once your idea is a product you need scale and reliability. You don't need to sacrifice one for the other with LooUQ's Cloud and our Cloud Assisted Device Architecture.


Use the power of LooUQ's Cloud Assisted Device Architecture (CADA) to start your project fast and carry your idea to full production volumes without changes to your device applications. 

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Easily Navigate to Powerful Cloud Features From Your Device Applications.

No need to build advanced user features like messaging into your device application. Using illustrative data models, just point and let the LooUQ cloud do the heavy lifting for your devices.

Simple models and methods implement timing, data sets, telemetry and alert signaling. Optionally, you can enable model driven device commands that can be remotely triggered and operated.

Starting With Our Templates, You Never Reinvent the Wheel and Everything Fits Together. 

LooUQ's Cloud Assisted Device Architecture make easy to start your project off and see results quickly.


How? One word...Templates

Our device code is already organized into typical IoT remote sensing patterns and provided as device application templates for you to hit the road running. All of our device code is available as open-source licensed repositories on our GitHub. We also put examples, demos and supporting libraries up there as well. We do the work to make your job easier.

We Work With the Most Popular Development Boards, Architectures and IDEs.

Regardless of which open-hardware development platform you prefer, LooUQ is likely to support it. We use and test with several embedded IDEs to take out the surprises. So if you prefer Arduino or Raspberry PI, Adafruit or SparkFun chances are we have tested our templates and libraries with it already.

Our code is compatible with the Arduino IDE, Visual Micro extension to Visual Studio, and Platform IO from a tooling perspective. We pay close attention to C and C++ language compatibility when selecting language features.

Solid Security From the Start

Security is not an option or a feature that can be added, it must be baked in from the start. This is why LooUQ planned our security implementation before we wrote the first line of code. We admit IoT security is difficult. The processing and memory constraints of IoT devices make implementation of modern security standards challenging, but that doesn't excuse the need to tackle this critical dimension.

To ensure our systems is as secure as possible we require encryption for all connections: device to cloud and enterprise to cloud. We don't share device identities, we use dynamic authentication credentials, and we operate in a highly secure cloud hosting environment: Microsoft Azure Cloud. With the LooUQ Cloud, your devices are never on your network, the LooUQ Cloud is your proxy keeping your enterprise and devices separate, while allowing them to carrying on a conversation.

You know... when you start with security in mind, IoT is not so scary.

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Your Device Data, In Your Enterprise

Getting your device data from the LooUQ Cloud is easy too, because we offer so many options. From streaming, to web-hooks, to old-fashioned batch downloads. You decide when and how your data travels that final hop to your enterprise.

With our scalable cloud architecture, the LooUQ Cloud grows as fast as you need. We designed all of our internals with scale in mind, make our cloud elastic and ready when you are.

Start fast, know what is possible and grow with us.

Still not sure the LooUQ Cloud can serve your needs? Reach out and we will discuss your application and answer your questions. Or, see for yourself with a free Idea subscription, register today and witness your idea tomorrow.