• The LooUQ Locator is a turn-key watercraft location tracking device and service. 

  • Locator can be factory or aftermarket installed in any US based* watercraft.

  • The Locator can be custom-branded to enhance your product's image and your company's prestige as a leader in watercraft technological features. OEM exclusive offering is possible.

Locator is inexpensive to install, operate and own.
It does not matter if the safety of watercraft operators or the security of a valuable asset are the primary motivation for the boat owner, LooUQ Locator is here to support that.

Your Customer Feels...




They know where their watercraft is being operated in real-time and are comfortable it is being used within their set limits. 

They know their watercraft remains safely at dock or in storage.

They know that Locator is tamper-alerting and will aid in recovery in the event of a theft.

Benefits for Your Company...




Demonstrate advanced features, unique among watercraft manufacturers.

Add a premium feature to improve margins.

Develop new revenue models for maintenance services, metered usage, and preventative maintenance.

LooUQ Locator Features


Easy Implementation








Advanced LTE cellular communications, using cutting-edge data technology on the Verizon network.

Just add battery power, the Locator draws a small current from the watercraft battery.  All communications and global location services are integrated into the locator.

The Locator has an integrated Lithium-Polymer battery to provide operating power to the Locator for several days, if external power is removed.  Removal of external power to the Locator is detected as a "tamper" action and reported to the owner.

Locator device can be factory or aftermarket installed.  For factory installation, can be hidden in most any location were battery power is accessible. Enclosure can be custom designed for your application.

Low initial cost for Locator device and for monthly service plans covering data and location services.

Device enclosure and end-user web and smart-phone applications can optionally be customized to your branding. 

Custom features can be developed that create additional value for your customers and brand, such as monitoring watercraft performance information (example: engine data) or additional information can be added to application such as dealer locator.



  • Small (3" x 3") case that can easily be mounted in dash or transom area.

  • Advanced LooUQ LTE data modem (low cost CAT-M1)


  • Embedded system processor running locator service application

  • Integrated LiPo battery for operation in tamper detection mode

  • Integrated cellular and GPS antennas

  • Complete locator sub-system, simply apply power and register on the LooUQ Locator web management site (custom branding available).

Are you interested in learning more about how the LooUQ Locator can offer a unique value to your customers, enhance your brand, and add a revenue stream to your product line?

* The Locator module is configured for operation on the Verizon US network.