LTE Cellular Modem for Embedded 

The LTEm1 is the first communications product in LooUQ's Circuit River collection of communications hardware products. The LTEm1 allows you to easily incorporate LTE cellular communications in your IoT applications.
Let your devices go anywhere and gather data from far and wide.   
  • Start with our LTEm1 modem, it is Verizon Open Development Certified (Verizon OD). So your device doesn't need additional network certification to get online.


  • Download our advance LTEm1 software to incorporate it in your project.

  • Select a host adapter board to make connections to your preferred IoT development board as easy as snapping parts together.

LTEm1 Stream

Advanced LTE IoT/M2M cellular data


The LTEm1 is our advanced technology IoT/M2M (machine-to-machine) cellular data modem.

  • Verizon OD certified, Sprint/T-Mobile Curiosity registered and Hologram compatible. Ready to go on all of these networks and no additional carrier certification for your device when your product uses Circuit River LTEm1 Spring.

  • Low-power IoT designed modem device. Supports eDRX and PSM mode when available from network provider.

  • Integrated GPS/GNSS location and geo-fencing functionality, fully supported by our open-source driver.

  • Over-the-air firmware update integrated with our Verizon data plans.

  • Hardware-based encryption (SSL) is built in for solid security without additional libraries or extra development by you.

  • Easy SPI communications between your host system and the LTEm1.

  • Small footprint at 48mm x 40mm x 9mm


Open-Source Licensed Software 

No need to understand AT commands to use the LTEm1, LooUQ's open-source C/C++ driver is available to make implementation in your project easy.  We streamline implementation by making the LTEm1 a modern TCP/IP network device with support for sockets style communications.

Easy Connection To Popular Development Boards

Using one of our Circuit River Springs, you can plug your LTEm1 into your project and start seeing results rapidly.  To make it easy to prototype with flexibility, there is the Breakout (without LiPo charger) and BreakoutB (with LiPo charger) which makes breadboard connectivity easy, a Remote Sense for Feather form-factor boards with 6v-30v power flexibility, and the RPIbasic for the PI people out there.


Data Plans


With the LooUQ LTEm1 modem there is no need to link data plans from a network provider.  You can purchase and manage your data plan right from within LooUQ Cloud.

The LTEm1 includes a M2M (machine-to-machine) eSIM from our preferred network provider: Verizon. These SIMs enable outstanding network reliability at a cost below what you would expect. 

Not sure how much data your M2M application needs?

Model your application's data requirements using our IoT/M2M Bandwidth Estimator. Paste in what your application typically sends and how often to see how that affects the amount of data your device requires.

How much does an IoT/M2M Plan Cost?

Mouse over the dial and see for yourself the monthly cost of device based cellular service. 


Interested in the LTEm1 Modem?

The LTEm1 is available directly from LooUQ. Please contact us via email or by filling out our contact form here on the web site.  We will work from your requirements to recommend the right supporting components to meet the requirements of your project and provide you with a custom quote.