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LooUQ Releases iotQi

IoT Software/Services Releases iotQi platform to Enable Your Internet of Things


Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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East Lansing - LooUQ Inc., a software and cloud services company specializing in enabling Internet of Things (IoT) application development, announced that they have released iotQi their IoT platform and toolkit. The iotQi platform enables rapid, robust, and secure IoT application development on IoT devices.

Users can register and create an iotQi account, download device application templates from the LooUQ GitHub site, and start building their IoT projects on iotQi today. Registrations immediately provide a free-trial for 45 days. Following the trial, users can opt to convert to a paid personal subscription (Maker, Maker Team) or a commercial\institutional subscription (Implementer). iotQi currently supports Arduino, Raspberry PI and .NET device architectures, with additional IoT architectures being evaluated.

About LooUQ LooUQ Incorporated is a software and cloud services developer based in East Lansing, MI. LooUQ has created the iotQi platform to enable rapid, robust and secure Internet of Things development. For more information about LooUQ, please visit www.LooUQ.com or contact us at info@loouq.com.

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