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Something Happening Here... LooUQ

Sorry for the drought of content lately, but I can assure you we have been busy here at LooUQ. We are continuing to make improvements to our iotQi cloud platform and device clients, and we got out of the office too, while participating in a couple technology exhibitions in September.

Technology in Motion (TIM) Detroit

LooUQ was excited to be a startup exhibitor at TIM Detroit 2017. Even though LooUQ IoT technology is applicable to any industry or en devour, we were thrilled to be present at TIM and to be witness to how transportation is poised for dramatic and exciting changes. For those of you interested in transportation technology, next year TIM Detroit is Sep 19-21, 2018.

In addition to speaking with attendees and learning about their interests, LooUQ had a demo application showing how adding data to an existing process can dramatically improve it for all stakeholders; in our case, we showed how adding occupancy detection to parking meters could benefit both municipalities and parking consumers. Municipalities can lower enforcement costs and raise revenues through better compliance. The parking consumer can quickly locate available spaces and monitor their time.

You can see our demo on YouTube here.

Big Data Ignite (Grand Rapids Michigan)

At BDI, I was able to speak about the process of developing your IoT technology and how IoT has a unique set of development challenges. IoT is different from both traditional product development and is not just another IT project. I presented slides illustrating IoT specific decisions in the project development cycle.

You can download the slide deck here.

LooUQ created the iotQi framework and offer our IoT project services to help organizations navigate the issues I spoke about and to allow organizations to rapidly create robust and secure IoT applications.

The Big News at LooUQ

But, the big news here at LooUQ is that we are adding hardware to our product line up. The LooUQ hardware products will be marketed under our new iotQc brand. In a nutshell... iotQi is our "integration" framework software that includes our cloud managed-services platform will be found alongside our new iotQc products. iotQc is our "communications" framework with innovative hardware products to help you bring your devices within reach. Our iotQi and iotQc offerings are designed to work together or independently based on your project needs.

The first couple products in our new iotQc product line will be a pair of boards to enable your projects to reach farther than ever before...

  • The CTA-LTEM1 is our 5G LTE CAT-M1 IoT cellular modem designed for the Verizon network.

  • The HA-Breakout device will allow easy integration and connections between your breadboard projects\prototypes and any of our upcoming CTA communication devices, including the exciting new CTA-LTEM1.

You may wonder why LooUQ, an IoT software company, is adding IoT enabling hardware to our lineup. Well the key reason is enablement! Working with numerous communication technologies over the last 18 months, LooUQ has identified how we could enable easier and more rapid application development by having a more consistent communication framework to build on. LooUQ views IoT as the world of smart, connected things. So that is why iotQc ends with a "c", it is all about connectivity.

iotQc has a wide range of communications reach

We selected the LTE CAT-M1 cellular modem technology as our initial iotQc product because the ability to place IoT device in any location and have reliable communications is critical the the future expansion of IoT applications. Additionally, we already have support for WiFi and LoRa technologies using readily available hardware boards.

As we have witnessed the recent wave of sunsets on 2G technology, LooUQ was keen on building products keyed to the future of cellular technology with CAT-M1. With some uncertainty over the serviceable lifetime of 3G and the fact that it is not not well matched to the IoT usage profile, we felt that our cellular offering had to build on incoming, not outgoing technologies.

So, LooUQ is creating iotQc products for IoT specific functionality and forward looking communications technologies.

Both of the initial iotQc products are under development with planned availability in early 2018. Future CTA and HA products will expand your capabilities by supporting other communication technologies (CTA) and seamless connectivity with popular IoT open-hardware development boards (HA). LooUQ has always supported our technology with open-source software for your devices; iotQc will continue doing so, with software drivers to our iotQc devices to be published on our GitHub site.

Please keep a "LooUQ-out" for updates on the new iotQc product line, continued updates and usage guidelines on our iotQi framework and IoT technology here on our LooUQ blog.

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