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LooUQ 2018... Looking Ahead

Today's post is probably like many others you may see this time of year, full of reflection and expressing visions for the future. That sentiment is apparently human nature as the new year drives our need to look inward and adjust our course.

Anticipating this new year, LooUQ started our preparations for the road ahead last year, early in the 4th quarter. We completed 2017 with a set of questions, then worked though a process to identify what was important to us and what we would most like to see in 2018.

Most of all I asked... is everything we are doing, contributing to make LooUQ everything I want it to be?

I had to answer no; honestly who can, with full conviction, answer yes to their version of that question. Better is always possible!

As we hammered out the answers, two keys changes took shape. With the help of the LooUQ team, I decided...

  • That LooUQ needed to speak to a specific set of IoT applications.

  • We needed to build IoT hardware components to facilitate developing the type of IoT applications we envisioned.

Turning Reflection into a Plan

I have an ongoing fascination with how technology can transparently improve our day-to-day world. If you look at what smart phones have

become, they don't really appear in our lives as raw technology, they are simply contributors to the cadence of our day; they have become transparent technology. Well designed systems facilitate making technology transparent. To me, transparent technology appears kinda like magic, the result just happens.

This is the promise I believe IoT can bring. A world filled with smart, connected things where what we might expect actually happens without our command or efforts. We do something and the world around us reacts to our action to make life easier, fuller, more resource responsible... better.

As I worked through this effort with members of the LooUQ team, I sought out not just their insights, but also their passions for how IoT could change our world. Through this process we identified some recurring areas of opportunity.

  • Green Focus

  • Better Experiences

  • Doing More with Less (resources)

IoT has massively wide applicability. But, I feel LooUQ needs to be better at a handful application targets. So we picked 3, seemingly synergistic application areas...

  • Smart Cities

  • Smart Agriculture

  • Smart Energy

These application areas will drive LooUQ's vision and development. While we maintain focus on these topics, I believe that our technology will continue to be applicable across most IoT applications and we will certainly support customers looking to use our technology outside of these three spaces.

Green Focus

Improvements in any of these focus applications have the ability to green our planet. IoT can help us do more, while reducing the resources we feed into the system. Water, energy and other inputs are finite, so using them more effectively will serve us and our planet well.

Better Experiences

IoT helps cities and individuals alike change outcomes through both discovery and implementation.

Better ≠ more costly, resource intensive and wasteful

Gaining new knowledge and insight, we begin to understand how natural and designed systems actually work in the wild, enabling more thoughtful design. IoT enables implementation of smart systems, where computing is distributed to the point of impact and communications enable new inputs to the system's processes.

Doing More with Less

Recapping the points above... Smart Cities, Smart Energy and Smart Agriculture all realize the promise of doing more with less. By better understanding and controlling systems, outcomes can be improved while simultaneously reducing resource inputs and costs.

iotQc, LooUQ's New Communications Framework

With our efforts, energy, and insight focused, I also realized that for all of our strategy to convert into real devices and applications LooUQ needed one missing component in our technology stack: robust anywhere communications.

LooUQ has full support for WiFi and LoRa radio communications from IoT devices to our iotQi cloud infrastructure. But these technologies tether IoT devices to a physical space and a private infrastructure; you can't reach the cloud without an access point (WiFi) or a gateway (LoRa).

iotQc fills this gap

iotQc will make unlimited connection options possible

iotQc will mashup with existing technologies in new ways

iotQc is our forward-looking, open-source communications framework. By "forward-looking", I mean it will implement new and emerging technologies and by "open-source" I am saying that we will continue to publish easy to consume, public GitHub repositories for our device drivers. Making it easy to integrate your existing open-source IoT projects with iotQc products.

Initial iotQc products will be our CTA-LTEM1 IoT LTE cellular modem and a companion HA-Breakout board. This pair of products will enable rapid prototyping of IoT projects for deployment anywhere in US. The CTA-LTEM1 is designed to support the LTE CAT-M1 protocol running on the Verizon LTE network in North America.

iotQc will continue to evolve, building a complete communications technology framework to enable development of IoT applications requiring robust IoT connectivity.

As 2018 ticks on, look for future posts about our iotQc technologies and how LooUQ is enabling Smart Cities, Smart Energy, and Smart Agriculture.

Thanks for taking a look at LooUQ,


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