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LooUQ Releases LTE IoT Modem

LooUQ Incorporated Releases LTE IoT Modem

IoT Technology Company Releases Advanced LTE Data Modem for IoT Applications

East Lansing, MI: LooUQ Incorporated, an IoT technology company specializing in enabling Internet of Things (IoT) applications, announced today at The Fledge in Lansing, MI that they are now shipping their IoT specialized LTE modem, the iotQc CTA-LTEM1. The CTA-LTEM1 is certified for use on the Verizon network, so customer projects utilizing the CTA-LTEM1 are not required to undergo any additional network certification testing for their end-product. The CTA-LTEM1 operates as a data-only modem using the LTE CAT-M1 protocol, which supports low-cost IoT data plans for remote sensor and control applications. The CTA-LTEM1 is supported with a series of accessory components to streamline integration of the CTA-LTEM1 with most development platforms. Additionally, the CTA-LTEM1 works seamlessly with the LooUQ iotQi IoT application enablement platform, or with any internet accessible cloud or premise system.

LooUQ CEO Greg Terrell said of the release, “The new CTA-LTEM1 is the cornerstone of our new iotQc communication hardware line, with several additional technologies under development for release in late 2018 and early 2019. We are working on making communications selection for IoT projects much easier and more flexible.” Currently the CTA-LTEM1 and supporting components are available directly from the LooUQ web-site store, but LooUQ plans to offer customers several distribution channel options later in 2018. Verizon IoT data plans for the CTA-LTEM1 are available directly from LooUQ or can be rolled into existing enterprise accounts; plans purchased from LooUQ are self-administered directly from the LooUQ iotQi Setup web application or by contacting the LooUQ answers desk.


About LooUQ Incorporated: LooUQ Incorporated is a IoT technology developer based in East Lansing, MI; organized as a Michigan corporation in 2016. LooUQ’s technology offerings include its cloud-based iotQi application enablement platform and the iotQc line of hardware communication products. Together or independently, iotQi and iotQc provide customers with a robust and secure communications channel between their IoT devices and enterprise. For more information about LooUQ, please visit www.LooUQ.com.


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