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Kickstart Your Project With Our LTEm1

Updated: May 30, 2020

LooUQ LTEm1 LTE CAT M1 IoT modem

Wow, exciting times here at LooUQ! We have just launched our LTEm1 modem Kickstarter campaign and we can't wait for you to go check it out. Yes, click that link right there, the one that says LTEm1 Kickstarter.

LTEm1 Kickstarter

Ok, if you are still here you didn't click on the Kickstarter. Maybe you don't want your projects to go anywhere. I guess that's ok, if you want your IoT to just sit at home and not talk to anyone.

But just in case, here are some great reasons you should consider funding the LTEm1 and getting your hands on this advanced machine-to-machine modem, purpose built for IoT.

  • Small (40mm x 45mm), low-powered device

  • Certified on the Verizon US network (your device is plug and go wireless)

  • Incredible C/C++ object oriented device driver system (say goodbye to "AT" commands

  • Online documentation and email support

  • Supporting cast of host adapters to make connections easy

  • Developments kits to let your ideas travel far and wide.

Ok now, don't hold back. Head over to ready our story, pick your reward and get ready for cellular Iot communications.

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