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Feather Host Adapter for iotQc

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Do you like the Adafruit Feather M0 series as much as we do here at LooUQ? Well then, grab one of our HA-Feather adapter boards to quickly connect your CTA-LTEM1 modem to any of the Adafruit Feather M0 models. The HA-Feather allows you to snap together a working remote IoT platform and get going with your project. Then download our WiFi-101 compatible CTA-LTEM1 driver from GitHub.

  • Several GPIO pins from the Feather are routed directly to the CTA connector. We also route the SPI pins to the CTA as the primary communications between the Feather and the CTA.
  • The GPIO pins assigned to the CTA connection can be reassigned, provided you have razor knife and some basic soldering skills.
  • We power the CTA-LTEM1 off of the Feather's battery, typically the CTA-LTEM1 draws around 50mA - 75mA, but at times will draw more. Think of the battery as a very large capacitor.
  • Support for Feather battery voltage sensing on GPIO pin A7 (aka D9)
  • External VREF pad and tie to Feather regulated 3.3-volt supply
  • Power pads to supply power to an active GNSS/GPS antenna

For more details about out the board, see the HA-Feather Technology Guide in the LooUQ Answer Center HA-Feather Technology Guide.


  • Included are assembled PCB board as shown in gallery.
  • The HA-Feather does not include the CTA-LTEM1 modem or an Adafruit Feather. Look here for our CTA-LTEM1, or here is a list of Adafruit Feathers.
  • The HA-Feather configuration requires the use of a LIPO battery connected to the Feather's standard battery connector. We recommend a 2500 mAh (which is slightly smaller that the footprint of the HA-Feather board) or you can also consider the 2000 mAh or 1200 mAh versions. Follow the links for product pages on Adafruit.

Note: HA-Feather comes assembled and ready for use. It does not include a CTA (modem), Adafruit Feather M0, or a LiPo battery. LooUQ recommends Adafruit as your source for the Feather and battery.

For details about the HA-FeatherWing adapter, see the Answers Center Technology Guide here.

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