LooUQ IoT Product Development and Wireless Communications

LooUQ Cloud and our LTEm1 cellular modem rapidly and securely connects your organization with your remote devices. Connecting you and your data, giving you the knowledge you need to act with confidence. 

Sense • Know • Act

Rapidly Prototype Your Idea

Using our Cloud Assisted Device Application (CADA) templates, your device is actively sensing and sending data back in hours not weeks. The application you kickstart with our templates is full production ready, not simply a throw away model of what could be.  


Demonstrate Your Idea and Functionality Quickly

The straight to the solution nature of our CADA device model allows for rapid ideation by migrating complex features and functionality out of your device application into the LooUQ Cloud.

Flexible Device Options

Using a mix of diligently selected industry standard development boards, MCUs and our LooUQ Circuit River wireless devices your device application takes shape with snap-together ease. Processing, communications, power, and physical enclosure all designed to work together.


Device Security from the Ground Up

Solid security starts from the model of trust. LooUQ Cloud minimizes attack surfaces by establishing a minimal trust model. No shared device credentials and no cloud-initiated connections. LooUQ Cloud keeps your devices and your enterprise network safely isolated, yet in constant contact.

Scale with Cloud Speed

When your idea is market ready, LooUQ Cloud allows your IoT product to scale as rapidly your prototype took shape with our device templates. LooUQ Cloud is based on the strength and scalability of the Microsoft Azure cloud.


5 IoT devices

500KB of IoT device


1 user

All standard LooUQ Cloud features are included for your use

Free for as long as you need it


25 IoT devices

2MB of IoT device


Unlimited users

All standard LooUQ Cloud features are included for your use

Optional LooUQ M2M cellular data plans available

Custom Pricing

As many IoT devices

as you need

Data options based on your

IoT application needs

Unlimited users

Custom plan configured to meet your needs, design with the help of a LooUQ IoT specialist

Starting with our LTEm1 cellular IoT modem, LooUQ has the hardware components to take your project to places it has never been before.  LooUQ has a hardware supporting cast to join your favorite development platform with our communications effortlessly. So get ready to roam.


Getting your idea transformed into a real-world IoT enabled product can be a daunting task.  Here at LooUQ we live for IoT and we understand all of the numerous considerations it takes to be successful in making a smart, connected thing a reality.

To help you estimate the tasks ahead of you on your road to creating your IoT enabled product, LooUQ is happy to provide your team with a consulting session, free of charge.  Simply fill out and submit the form on the right here and we will work with you to schedule a free, confidential consulting session with your team.

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The act of building your idea for a smart, connected thing rapidly, robustly and securely.

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