LooUQ is here to partner with you and ensure you project's success.  If you need a more than a just a responsive provider, LooUQ can step in to help with our professional services. Regardless, if you need a couple hours to accelerate your efforts or you want our IoT technology experience as a integrated part of your project team, we are here to help.


Even organizations with established technology leadership can find themselves challenged when getting started with IoT.  LooUQ lives IoT and our perspective can help you establish your vision, chart your course, or validate you efforts.

IoT lives at the intersection of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) and while it seems that delivery is all code, the vision has to be all product.

LooUQ can help bridge this gap.

Project Management

LooUQ's team includes technology veterans with years of project management experience.  We understand the DNA of successful projects: domain knowledgeable stakeholders, engaged and supportive project sponsors and project management that has a full sight of what the finished line looks like.

Application Development

IoT is about enterprise value, value obtained by creating an ecosystem of moving parts.  Developing components for devices, enterprise integration, end-user applications, and data visualizations covers a lot of territory.  LooUQ has perspective into what is required to develop an IoT ecosystem, after all we built our device client libraries and cloud platform in-house. 

LooUQ's has years of experience in C, C++, C# and Python.